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Wednesday,February 21, 2018
Ship Agents
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Ship Agents


JNSL’s extensive knowledge of ports and vessel loading/unloading operations has resulted in positioning it as the preferred ship agent of many ship owners.It’s team has built strong relations with port authorities, shipping departments, and other relevant government agencies, in order to assist in solving any administrative or marine related issues when they arise.

Through its subsidiary, Jordan Group Shipping Agencies Company, JNSL acts as tramp and liner ship agents at the port of Aqaba offering port agency, brokerage, surveillance, transhipment, husbandry, bunkering, and comprehensive marketing and sales services.

In collaboration with the services provided by JGSA, JNSL has managed to develop a strong market presence, extensive on site experience in ship forwarding and all aspects of interstate and commerce, as well as distribution methods and practices.