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Wednesday,February 21, 2018
JNSL unveils new identity
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JNSL unveils new identity

Jordan National Shipping Lines unveiled a new comprehensive branding strategy to establish a more cohesive identity for the company and its affiliates. The new brand strategy includes a new identity, a new advertising strategy and a website that will communicate the changes to the local and international clients and business partners.
The new strategic plan has set ambitious goals for JNSL, and part of the success is building a reputation that reflects the leading role of the company’s maritime shipping activities. To achieve the new plan, JNSL worked on a consistent identity that not only ties together the diverse components that comprise the organization, but one that visibly communicates our link to the industry practices.
JNSL will gradually incorporate the new identity into all areas of the company, which closely follows the look and feel of JNSL’s brand image.